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We provide quality orthodontic treatment at an affordable price! Have you always wanted straight teeth but didn't think you could afford braces? Now at $149/month it is within your reach! Give us a call to schedule a consultation and you will soon be on your way to a beautiful, new smile!


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"I used to have the worst under bite you could imagine ... And honestly I looked like a cow. Thank you so much people from rockwood orthodontics. You made me look just a little more normal."

Review Verified on 6/14/2019
"My teeth look great!"

Review Verified on 6/14/2019
"My teeth are straight now, thanks."

Review Verified on 6/7/2019
"Thankkyouuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!, it was a great experience, everyone was so nice to me, they were like a family"

Review Verified on 6/7/2019
"Wonderful!!! Absolutely amazing experience. Can not say enough great things. My daughter Molly absolutely loves her orthodontist. He was fabulous. Thank you to everyone at Rockwood Orthodontics!"

Review Verified on 5/25/2019
"My smile as improved a lot thanks to the treatment and everything came out good"

Review Verified on 5/10/2019
"The office is very friendly. Dr. Bedont is very patient, kind, and caring. My kids do miss the arcade downstairs!!!"

Review Verified on 4/26/2019
"If you or your child is thinking about getting braces I definitely recommend this place, the staff is very nice and caring. I'm so happy with my smile now :)"

Review Verified on 4/21/2019
"Great service! Haven't had 1 problem since I started coming here 2 years ago."

Review Verified on 4/12/2019
"When I first came in I felt welcomed, they have worked well with me, been able to fit me in asap when I broke my bracket. It's a nice friendly place to be a patient at..."

Review Verified on 3/22/2019
"Very great, always keeping me up to date and friendly staff."

Review Verified on 3/15/2019
"The people here were nice and having fun, and the place is clean and neat."

Review Verified on 3/8/2019
"Great place! Took good care of my daughters Orthodontic needs."

Review Verified on 2/22/2019
"Staff was always super nice & they had a positive vibe! Definitely going to miss them! So happy with my results!"

Review Verified on 2/22/2019
"Had two years of braces and they turned out great!"

Review Verified on 2/15/2019
"Nice and care about you and your teeth."

Review Verified on 2/8/2019
"You guys are the best Orthondontics in the world. When we first started going here you were all polite and very willing to start on my braces. And you have no idea how happy I am about going here and even decided to get them. I am so thankful for your help and your time."

Review Verified on 2/1/2019
Facebook Verified
"Amazing place for braces"

Review Verified on 2/1/2019
"I loved everyone here, I came from Yakima valley app,e dentist onr of the biggest and supposibly best places and I had a horrible time because of there staff. I loved this staff here they made me feel like family. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING"

Review Verified on 1/25/2019
"It was a very good experience at this clinic ! Very thankful to the doctor and his helpers for the beautiful smile that they gave to my son ! Definitely recommended this place !"

Review Verified on 1/25/2019
"Quick service, fun environment, simplest way to get your dream smile."

Review Verified on 1/25/2019
"Although it took longer than expected, everything was done properly and well at every appointment. Everyone was nice, and didn't put me down or anything like that. They also knew what they were doing so their was no accidents."

Review Verified on 1/11/2019
"Employees are super nice and did a wonderful job fixing my teeth. Really great at scheduling appointments and rescheduling if needed. Always calling and sending reminders which is great."

Review Verified on 1/11/2019
"I've never written a review before so I'm not really sure what to say other than I really recommend coming here to get your teeth fixed. When I first came here I was very insecure about my teeth, but now I just want to show them off."

Review Verified on 1/4/2019
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"I loved everything about my orthodontist. Every one was so nice and kind and even if I was ever later to my appointment they would fix the time and make it work. The whole process was great and I never had any issues with if they hurt me or anything because they were gentle. I loved this Orthdontist and I highly recommend it"

Review Verified on 1/4/2019
"I love my new smile it's perfect!!!"

Review Verified on 1/4/2019
"When I first came in everyone was really nice and they still are till this day. Especially, Jen and Pearl I love them! They helped me through my process and made it so much easier."

Review Verified on 12/28/2018
"I'm happy with the results after 2 years of treatment"

Review Verified on 12/21/2018
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"Very flexible and good work, keep it up Rockwood Orthodontics"

Review Verified on 10/2/2018
Facebook Verified
"Good work! Made me pretty!"

Review Verified on 4/13/2018
"Super nice! Focused on their job."

Review Verified on 3/16/2018
"Dr and staff here are amazing and helpful and I'm so thankful to have my braces off."

Review Verified on 3/9/2018
"Every one was so nice and they were professional. I had a good experience."

Review Verified on 1/26/2018
"I am really happy the way my teeth turned out even though at times it wasn't easy, but I'm glad I came here because the people that work here are all so nice and very experienced."

Review Verified on 12/8/2017
Facebook Verified
"Rockwood Orthodontics absolutely changed my life. I have been wanting braces since I was about 10 and could never get them because of financial problems. Now because of Rockwood I am now officially 19 with the teeth I have always dreamed of. They have an INCREDIBLE staff who always made me feel like home when I come in. Couldn't have asked for a better group to come travel four hours to see every other month. I will be forever grateful for this place and I could never thank them enough for what they've done for me. Thank you Rockwood!!!"

Review Verified on 11/17/2017
"Great staff and service, made the experience easier and better, 10/10 would recommend, I am beyond happy and grateful"

Review Verified on 11/10/2017
"Very kind staff, minor pain, didn't have a horrible time getting braces put on like I thought I would."

Review Verified on 11/3/2017
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"Always aWEsome they really care and they show it!!!"

Review Verified on 10/27/2017
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"Everyone was very friendly. It was a great experience for my daughter being 8 years old. I would recommend to all friends and family."

Review Verified on 9/22/2017
"I hated the long suspense to get the brasses off but I loved finally getting them off and the feeling of happiness when I finally had them off. it was a well worth it experience."

Review Verified on 9/15/2017
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"This place is great since day one they made me feel so welcomed I'm so happy with my results the staff is wonderful I would recommend this place to anybody"

Review Verified on 8/11/2017
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"Always flexible with appoinments, incredible treatment and always so welcoming."

Review Verified on 8/11/2017
Reviews 43 - 84 of 169

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